Width 1mm to 25mm inner dia
Length 1mtr
Brands Imported
Colour White, Black, Yellow, Red
Temperature 200 degrees
Voltage 2kv – 2.5kv


Fiberglass silicone-coated sleeves are specialized protective sleeves used in various industrial applications where high-temperature resistance, insulation, and durability are required. Here are some key features and common uses of fiberglass silicone-coated sleeves:


  1. High-Temperature Resistance: These sleeves are designed to withstand high temperatures, typically ranging from -50°C to 200°C (-58°F to 392°F) or higher, depending on the specific grade of silicone and fiberglass used.


  1. Electrical Insulation: They provide excellent electrical insulation properties, making them suitable for protecting wires, cables, and hoses in electrical and electronic applications.


  1. Mechanical Protection: Fiberglass silicone-coated sleeves offer mechanical protection against abrasion, cuts, and impact, helping to extend the lifespan of cables and hoses in challenging environments.


  1. Chemical Resistance: They exhibit resistance to oils, solvents, acids, and other chemicals, ensuring durability and reliability in industrial settings where exposure to harsh substances is common.


  1. Flexibility and Conformity: The silicone coating provides flexibility and allows the sleeves to conform to irregular shapes and contours, facilitating easy installation and ensuring a snug fit.


  1. Flame Retardancy: Many fiberglass silicone-coated sleeves are flame retardant, offering added safety in applications where fire resistance is critical.


  1. Weather Resistance: They are resistant to UV radiation and weathering, making them suitable for outdoor applications where exposure to sunlight and environmental elements may occur.


  1. Automotive and Aerospace: These sleeves are commonly used in automotive and aerospace industries for protecting wiring harnesses, cables, and hydraulic lines from heat and mechanical damage.


  1. Industrial Applications: They find applications in various industrial sectors, including manufacturing, petrochemical, marine, and construction, for insulating and protecting equipment and components.


Overall, fiberglass silicone-coated sleeves are valued for their combination of high-temperature resistance, electrical insulation, mechanical protection, and chemical resistance, making them essential in protecting and extending the life of critical components in diverse industrial applications.


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