Width 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 120mm
Length 50mtr
Brands LTD
Colour Green
Thickness 0.25mm
Adhesive Type Hot Melt
Temperature 90degrees
Voltage 2kv


Barley paper, also known as fish paper or vulcanized fiber, is a type of durable and flexible electrical insulation material. It is made from cotton linters or wood pulp that has been treated with a resin and subjected to heat and pressure to form a dense and homogeneous material. Here are its key features and common uses:


  1. Electrical Insulation: Barley paper is widely used as electrical insulation due to its high dielectric strength and excellent electrical insulating properties. It helps prevent electrical short circuits and ensures safety in electrical equipment and components.


  1. Thermal Resistance: It exhibits good thermal resistance, allowing it to withstand moderate temperatures without degrading or losing its insulating properties.


  1. Mechanical Strength: Barley paper is mechanically strong and tear-resistant, making it suitable for applications where robust insulation is required.


  1. Flexibility: It is flexible and can be easily molded or shaped to fit around irregular shapes and contours, providing effective insulation in complex configurations.


  1. Chemical Compatibility: Barley paper is resistant to oils, solvents, and most chemicals, ensuring long-term stability and reliability in harsh environments.


  1. Applications: Common applications include electrical motors, transformers, switchgear, generators, and other electrical and electronic devices where insulation and protection are critical.


Barley Tapes:


Barley tapes are adhesive tapes made from barley paper that are used for specific insulation and sealing purposes in electrical and industrial applications. Here are some key features and uses:


  1. Adhesive Properties: Barley tapes are coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side, allowing them to adhere securely to surfaces. The adhesive provides a strong bond that withstands mechanical stress and environmental conditions.


  1. Insulation and Sealing: They are used for insulation, bundling, and wrapping electrical wires, cables, and components to protect against electrical leakage and ensure reliable performance.


  1. Surface Protection: Barley tapes can be used to provide surface protection and insulation in motors, transformers, and other electrical equipment where high temperatures and mechanical stress are present.


  1. Customizable: They are available in various widths and thicknesses to meet specific application requirements, providing flexibility in usage.


  1. Heat Resistance: Barley tapes exhibit good heat resistance, making them suitable for applications where exposure to elevated temperatures is common.


  1. Industry Use: Barley tapes are commonly used in the electrical industry for insulation and wrapping applications, offering effective protection and enhancing the longevity of electrical components.


In summary, barley paper and tapes play crucial roles in electrical insulation and protection applications, offering high performance, durability, and reliability in various industrial and commercial settings. They provide essential insulation to ensure the safe and efficient operation of electrical equipment and components.


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