Width 25mm
Colour Brown
Thickness 0.05mm
Adhesive Type Non-Adhesive
Temperature 150degree


Copper foil tape without adhesive backing is also used in several specialized applications where the adhesive is not required or would be detrimental. Here are some common uses of non-adhesive copper foil tape:


  1. Electromagnetic Shielding: Similar to adhesive-backed copper foil tape, non-adhesive copper foil tape is used for electromagnetic shielding in electronics and telecommunications. It helps to block electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI) without the need for adhesive.


  1. Electrical Conductivity: Non-adhesive copper foil tape is used for applications requiring electrical conductivity but where adhesive is not needed. It can be used in electrical grounding, creating conductive pathways, or as part of electrical repairs where soldering or other bonding methods are used.


  1. Art and Crafts: Non-adhesive copper foil tape is popular in arts, crafts, and DIY projects for its metallic appearance and ease of manipulation. It can be used for decorative purposes, such as creating accents on artwork or sculptures.


  1. Stained Glass Work: In stained glass work, non-adhesive copper foil tape is used for wrapping around glass pieces to create a conductive edge that allows soldering during assembly, similar to adhesive-backed copper foil tape.


  1. Guitar Shielding: It can be used in guitar electronics for shielding cavities and pickups to reduce unwanted noise and interference, particularly where adhesive may interfere with the assembly process.


  1. Labeling and Identification: Non-adhesive copper foil tape can be used for labeling or marking items where a metallic appearance is desired and adhesive is not necessary.


  1. Heat and Thermal Conductivity: It can be used for applications requiring heat dissipation and thermal conductivity, where adhesive is not required.


  1. Repairs and Maintenance: Non-adhesive copper foil tape is used in various repair and maintenance tasks where conductivity and flexibility are important, and adhesive is not needed.


Non-adhesive copper foil tape offers the same conductivity and flexibility as adhesive-backed tape but provides more flexibility in an application where adhesive is not desired or would interfere with the intended use.


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