Width All sizes available
Length 3mtr, 5mtr, 10mtr
Brands LTD, 3M
Color Black, Grey, White
Thickness 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm
Adhesive Type Hot Melt Adhesive
Temperature 40degrees
Voltage 1kv


Double-sided foam tape is a type of adhesive tape that features a foam carrier with adhesive on both sides. Here’s an overview of double-sided foam tape, its characteristics, and common uses:




  1. Foam Carrier: The carrier of double-sided foam tape is made from a foam material, which can be polyethylene (PE), polyurethane (PU), or PVC foam. The foam carrier provides cushioning, conformability, and flexibility.


  1. Adhesive: It is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides of the foam carrier. The adhesive used is typically acrylic-based for strong bonding to a wide range of surfaces including metals, plastics, glass, and painted surfaces.


  1. Thickness and Density: Double-sided foam tapes come in various thicknesses and densities to suit different bonding and mounting needs. Thicker foam tapes provide more cushioning and gap-filling properties.


  1. Temperature Resistance: Foam tapes offer good temperature resistance, allowing them to maintain adhesive strength over a wide temperature range. Special formulations are available for high-temperature applications.


  1. Flexibility and Conformability: The foam carrier allows the tape to conform to irregular surfaces and create a strong bond even on textured or rough surfaces.


  1. Durability: Double-sided foam tapes are durable and resistant to tearing and abrasion, making them suitable for long-term bonding applications.


  1. Water and Moisture Resistance: Some foam tapes offer good resistance to water and moisture, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


Common Uses:


  1. Mounting and Bonding: Used in various industries for mounting and bonding applications where a strong, permanent bond is required. This includes attaching signs, trims, emblems, and other decorative elements.


  1. Sealing and Gasketing: Used in automotive and industrial applications for sealing and gasketing where vibration damping, moisture sealing, and gap filling are needed.


  1. Insulation: Provides thermal and acoustic insulation in construction, appliances, and HVAC ductwork.


  1. Vibration Damping: Applied to reduce vibrations and noise in machinery, appliances, and automotive components.


  1. Packaging: Used for packaging applications where items need to be securely held in place without shifting during shipping and handling.


  1. DIY and Home Improvement: Popular for DIY projects and home improvement tasks where foam tapes are used for mounting, weather stripping, soundproofing, and cushioning.


  1. Automotive and Aerospace: Used in automotive and aerospace industries for interior trim bonding, exterior mounting, and assembly applications.


Double-sided foam tapes offer a versatile and reliable solution for bonding, mounting, sealing, and cushioning applications across different industries. Their combination of adhesive properties, flexibility, and durability makes them a preferred choice for both industrial and consumer applications where a strong and lasting bond is required.


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