Width 8mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 36mm, 50mm
Length 50mtr
Brands LTD, 3M
Colour Transparent
Thickness 0.07mm
Adhesive Type Solvent Adhesive
Temperature 100degrees
Voltage 1.5kv


Double-sided tissue tape is a type of adhesive tape that consists of a tissue paper carrier coated with adhesive on both sides. Here’s an overview of double-sided tissue tape, its characteristics, and common uses:




  1. Carrier Material: The carrier of double-sided tissue tape is typically a thin tissue paper or non-woven fabric. Tissue paper tapes are lightweight, flexible, and conformable, making them suitable for applications where flexibility is important.


  1. Adhesive: It is coated with adhesive on both sides of the tissue carrier. The adhesive used can vary depending on the specific application requirements but is often acrylic-based for good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces.


  1. Thickness: Double-sided tissue tapes are available in various thicknesses, typically ranging from very thin (for applications requiring low profile) to thicker versions (for applications requiring more strength).


  1. Temperature Resistance: Tissue tapes generally offer moderate temperature resistance, suitable for indoor applications and some outdoor applications depending on the specific adhesive formulation.


  1. Flexibility: The tissue paper carrier provides flexibility and conformability, allowing the tape to adhere well to irregular surfaces and maintain a strong bond.


  1. Tearability: Tissue tapes are usually easy to tear by hand, which facilitates quick and easy application without the need for scissors or cutting tools.


  1. Release Liner: Many double-sided tissue tapes come with a release liner on each adhesive side to protect the adhesive until it is ready for use.


Common Uses:


  1. Paper and Print Industry: Used in the printing and paper industry for mounting posters, photos, artwork, and other paper-based materials without damaging the surface.


  1. Office and Stationery: Used for crafting, scrapbooking, and cardmaking projects where a neat, clean bond is required without visible adhesive lines.


  1. Lightweight Bonding: Ideal for bonding lightweight materials such as paper, cardboard, and foam board.


  1. Packaging: Used in packaging applications for attaching labels, tags, and promotional materials securely to packaging surfaces.


  1. General Assembly: Used in assembly applications for bonding plastic parts, foam gaskets, and other lightweight components in manufacturing processes.


  1. Temporary Bonding: Suitable for temporary applications where items need to be held in place temporarily before a more permanent solution is applied.


  1. Medical and Healthcare: Used in medical and healthcare settings for adhering to bandages, dressings, and medical devices.


Double-sided tissue tape provides a versatile and economical solution for a wide range of bonding and mounting applications, particularly in industries where flexibility and ease of use are important. Its ability to adhere well to various surfaces while being lightweight and tearable makes it a popular choice in both industrial and consumer applications.


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