Width 18mm, 25mm
Length 10mtr, 20mtr
Brands LTD
Colour Yellow
Thickness 0.17mm
Adhesive Type Non-Adhesive
Temperature 80 degrees
Voltage 1.1kv



“Empire tape” refers to a specific brand or type of tape, and its exact characteristics and uses can vary depending on the manufacturer and intended application. Without specific details, here are a few possibilities of what “Empire tape” might refer to:


  1. Empire Measuring Tape: Empire is a well-known brand that manufactures measuring tapes used in construction, carpentry, and various measurement tasks. Their tapes are typically durable, featuring steel or fiberglass blades with accurate measurements marked for easy reading.


  1. Empire Leveling Tape: Empire also produces leveling tapes or leveling devices used in construction and surveying for precise measurements and leveling tasks. These may include laser levels, digital levels, or traditional leveling tools.


  1. Empire Adhesive Tape: Empire could also refer to a brand or type of adhesive tape used for general-purpose packaging, sealing, or masking in industrial, commercial, or household applications. These tapes come in various materials such as polyethylene, PVC, or cloth, with different adhesion strengths and widths.


  1. Empire Electrical Tape: In the context of electrical work, Empire may produce electrical tapes used for insulating wires, marking circuits, or providing protection against moisture and corrosion in electrical installations.


  1. Empire Specialty Tape: Empire might also manufacture specialty tapes such as duct tape, double-sided tape, or reflective tape used for specific applications in construction, automotive, or safety industries.


To accurately identify the specific type of “Empire tape” and its uses, it would be helpful to have additional context or details about the tape in question. Each type of tape serves distinct purposes and is designed with specific features to meet the requirements of its intended application.


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