Length 50mtr
Brands LTD
Colour White
Thickness 0.17mm
Adhesive Type Silicone
Temperature 155degree, 180degree
Voltage 2.5kv


Fiberglass adhesive tape, or fiberglass reinforced tape, is a specialized tape used for various purposes due to its strength, durability, and adhesive backing. Here are some common uses:


  1. Pipe Repair and Insulation: Fiberglass adhesive tape is used for wrapping and repairing pipes to provide insulation and protect against leaks and corrosion.


  1. Sealing and Reinforcement: It is used for sealing seams and joints in HVAC ducts, insulation panels, and other construction materials to improve air tightness and thermal efficiency.


  1. Packaging and Shipping: Fiberglass adhesive tape is used in packaging and shipping industries for securing boxes and parcels, especially in applications requiring extra strength and durability.


  1. Automotive Repairs: It is used in automotive repairs for reinforcing panels, fixing cracks, and providing temporary fixes until permanent repairs can be made.


  1. Electrical Insulation: Fiberglass adhesive tape is used in electrical applications for insulating wires and cables, providing protection against high temperatures and electrical currents.


  1. Abrasion Protection: It can be used to protect surfaces from abrasion and wear, such as on sports equipment, tools, and machinery.


  1. Emergency Repairs: It is commonly used for emergency repairs in various industrial and household applications where quick and reliable fixes are needed.


  1. Composite Manufacturing: Fiberglass adhesive tape is used in composite manufacturing processes for reinforcing and bonding layers of fiberglass and other materials.


Overall, fiberglass adhesive tape is valued for its versatility, strength, and adhesive properties, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential applications where strong bonding and reinforcement are required.


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