Width 12mm, 18mm, 25mm, 30mm, 36mm, 50mm


Length 25mtr, 40mtr
Brands Lotus, Rani, Roja
Colour White
Thickness 0.22mm, 0.30mm
Adhesive Type Non-Adhesive
Temperature 90degrees


Non-adhesive cotton tape is a versatile material used in various applications where a soft, flexible, and absorbent material is needed. Here are some common uses of non-adhesive cotton tape:


  1. Medical and First Aid: Cotton tape is used in medical settings for bandaging, dressing wounds, and securing medical devices. Its soft and breathable nature makes it comfortable for patients.


  1. Crafts and DIY Projects: It is popular in arts, crafts, and DIY projects for its versatility and ease of use. Cotton tape can be used for sewing, hemming fabrics, creating borders, and other decorative purposes.


  1. Bookbinding: Cotton tape is used in bookbinding for reinforcing spines, binding signatures, and providing structural support to books and journals.


  1. Labeling and Marking: Non-adhesive cotton tape is used for labeling and marking items in warehouses, workshops, and other environments where temporary identification is needed.


  1. Sports and Fitness: It is used in sports and fitness activities for wrapping handles and grips of equipment such as bats, racquets, and dumbbells to improve grip and comfort.


  1. Packaging and Wrapping: Cotton tape is used in packaging and wrapping applications where a flexible and tear-resistant material is required. It can be used to bundle items together or secure packages during shipping.


  1. Costume and Theater: It is used in costume design and theater productions for sewing, embellishing costumes, and creating accessories due to its texture and ease of manipulation.


  1. Household Repairs: Cotton tape can be used for temporary repairs around the house, such as securing loose cables, tying bundles, or temporarily hemming curtains.


  1. Art Conservation: It is used in art conservation and restoration to secure fragile artifacts and documents without causing damage.


Non-adhesive cotton tape is valued for its softness, flexibility, and absorbency, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in healthcare, crafts, packaging, and beyond where an adhesive-free solution is preferred or required.


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