Width 25mm, 50mm
Length 25mtr
Brands LTD
Colour Green
Thickness 0.25mm
Adhesive Type Acrylic Adhesive
Temperature 60degrees
Voltage 1.1kv


“Radium tape” is a term that might be a mix-up or a colloquialism, as radium itself is not typically used in modern tapes due to its radioactive properties. However, if you are referring to a type of tape that glows in the dark or under UV light, it is more likely known as “luminous tape” or “glow-in-the-dark tape.” Here’s an overview of glow-in-the-dark tape:


Glow-in-the-Dark Tape:


  1. Material and Composition: Glow-in-the-dark tape is typically made from a flexible vinyl material that contains phosphorescent pigments or luminescent materials. These materials absorb light energy (such as sunlight or artificial light) and then emit it as visible light when in darkness.


  1. Phosphorescent Effect: The tape’s phosphorescent properties allow it to glow in the dark after being exposed to light. The intensity and duration of the glow depend on the quality of the phosphorescent materials and the duration of exposure to light.


  1. Adhesive Backing: Similar to other tapes, glow-in-the-dark tape comes with an adhesive backing that allows it to be easily applied to various surfaces such as walls, floors, steps, handrails, and objects.


  1. Safety and Visibility: It is commonly used in safety applications to mark emergency exits, stairways, hazards, and pathways in buildings, industrial facilities, and public spaces. The glowing effect helps guide people during power outages or low-light conditions.


  1. Variety of Uses: Glow-in-the-dark tapes are versatile and used in various industries including safety, aerospace, automotive, arts and crafts, and recreational applications. They can also be used decoratively in theaters, stages, and themed environments.


  1. Durability: The tapes are designed to be durable and resistant to wear, water, and fading, ensuring long-lasting visibility and safety markings.


When considering tapes for specific applications, it’s crucial to verify the specific type and purpose of the tape to ensure it meets safety and regulatory standards, especially for applications related to emergency egress and safety markings.


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