Width All sizes available
Length 20mtr
Brands LTD
Colour Black
Thickness 0.20mm
Adhesive Type Solvent Adhesive
Temperature 100degrees
Voltage 2kv


Nylon tape refers to a type of adhesive tape that is made from nylon material. Here’s a general overview of nylon tape, its characteristics, and common uses:




  1. Material: Nylon tape is made from nylon, a synthetic polymer known for its strength, durability, and flexibility. Nylon tapes can vary in thickness and texture depending on the specific application.


  1. Adhesive: It is typically coated with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. The adhesive provides strong bonding to a variety of surfaces including plastics, metals, wood, and fabrics.


  1. Strength: Nylon tape is known for its high tensile strength and tear resistance, making it suitable for applications where durability and reliability are important.


  1. Flexibility: Due to the flexibility of nylon, the tape can conform well to irregular surfaces and contours, ensuring a secure bond.


  1. Temperature Resistance: Nylon tapes can withstand various temperatures, depending on the specific adhesive used. They can be designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.


  1. Color and Varieties: Nylon tapes are available in different colors and widths to suit various applications. They can also come in matte or glossy finishes.


Common Uses:


  1. Repair and Maintenance: Nylon tape is commonly used to temporarily repair torn fabrics, broken straps, or damaged materials where stitching or sewing is impractical.


  1. Sealing and Bonding: It is used for sealing seams, bundling items together, and securing components in manufacturing and assembly processes.


  1. Packaging: Nylon tape is used in packaging applications for sealing boxes, cartons, and parcels, providing a secure closure during shipping and handling.


  1. Textile and Garment Industry: It is used in the textile and garment industry for sewing and hemming applications where a strong and flexible tape is needed.


  1. Automotive: Nylon tape is used in automotive applications for wire harnessing, bundling cables, and securing components inside vehicles.


  1. Sports and Outdoor Equipment: It is used in the manufacturing of sports equipment, camping gear, and outdoor gear where durability and strength are essential.


  1. DIY and Crafts: Nylon tape is popular in DIY projects and crafts for its versatility and ability to adhere to various surfaces.


Nylon tape’s versatility and strength make it a practical choice for a wide range of applications across industries. Whether for temporary repairs, sealing, bundling, or crafting, nylon tape offers reliable performance and durability in diverse settings.


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