Width 2.5mm, 4mm
Length 40mm, 60mm
Color Transparent
Temperature 60degrees
Voltage 1kv


SPS sleeves, or Splicing Protection Sleeves, are specialized heat-shrinkable sleeves used in telecommunications, fiber optic, and electrical industries for protecting and reinforcing splices. Here’s an overview of SPS sleeves:


Key Features:


  1. Heat-Shrinkable Design: SPS sleeves are made from a cross-linked polyolefin material that shrinks when heat is applied. This shrinkage creates a tight and secure seal around the splice, providing mechanical strength and protection.


  1. Reinforcement: They reinforce and protect fiber optic splices, preventing fiber movement, stress, and potential damage that could affect signal transmission.


  1. Adhesive Lining: Some SPS sleeves have an inner adhesive lining that melts and flows during the shrinking process. This adhesive provides additional sealing against moisture and environmental contaminants, enhancing reliability.


  1. Durability: SPS sleeves are designed to withstand environmental conditions, including moisture, temperature variations, and mechanical stress, ensuring long-term performance and reliability.


  1. Transparent Sleeve: Many SPS sleeves are transparent, allowing technicians to inspect the splice visually without removing the sleeve, which is crucial for quality control and troubleshooting.


  1. Ease of Use: They are easy to install using a heat source (such as a heat gun or fusion splice oven) to shrink the sleeve securely around the splice.


  1. **Size Variety:** Available in various sizes to accommodate different fiber optic cable diameters and splice configurations.


Common Uses:


  1. Fiber Optic Networks: SPS sleeves are widely used in fiber optic cable installations and repairs. They protect fiber splices in both underground and aerial installations, ensuring reliable signal transmission.


  1. Telecommunications: They are used by telecommunications companies and network installers to maintain and repair fiber optic cables in telecom networks.


  1. Data Centers: SPS sleeves are essential in data centers to ensure high-speed and reliable data transmission by protecting and reinforcing fiber optic splices.


  1. Industrial Applications: They are used in industrial environments where fiber optics are used for communication and control systems, protecting harsh conditions.


  1. Electrical Splicing: In electrical applications, SPS sleeves are used to protect and insulate electrical splices and connections from moisture and environmental factors.


  1. Repair and Maintenance: SPS sleeves are used for repairing damaged fiber optic cables and splices, minimizing downtime and ensuring network reliability.


SPS sleeves play a critical role in maintaining the integrity and performance of fiber optic and electrical connections by providing robust protection and reinforcement. Their use helps ensure that splices remain secure and functional over the lifetime of the installation.


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