Width 20mm, 25mm
Length 25mtr, 50mtr
Brands LTD
Colour Transparent, Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Grey, Brown
Thickness 0.10mm, 0.14mm
Adhesive Type Non-Adhesive
Temperature 100degree


XLPE (Cross-Linked Polyethylene) tape without adhesive backing is used in specialized applications where electrical insulation and mechanical protection are required. Here are some common uses of non-adhesive XLPE tape:


  1. Electrical Insulation: XLPE tape is used for electrical insulation of high-voltage cables and wires. It provides excellent dielectric strength and thermal resistance, helping to prevent electrical breakdown and withstand high operating temperatures.


  1. Cable Wrapping: It is used for wrapping and bundling cables and wires in applications where insulation and mechanical protection are needed. XLPE tape helps to maintain the integrity and safety of electrical installations.


  1. Spacer and Separator: XLPE tape can be used as a spacer or separator in electrical and electronic components to prevent contact between conductors and insulate different components within assemblies.


  1. Heat and Chemical Resistance: It offers resistance to heat, chemicals, and moisture, making it suitable for harsh environments where cables and wires may be exposed to these elements.


  1. Moisture Barrier: XLPE tape serves as a moisture barrier in cable joints and terminations, helping to protect against water ingress and maintain insulation properties over time.


  1. Mechanical Protection: It provides mechanical protection against abrasion, punctures, and physical damage to cables and wires, extending their service life.


  1. Insulation Systems: XLPE tape is used in conjunction with other insulation materials in electrical insulation systems to enhance overall performance and reliability.


  1. Industrial Applications: It finds applications in various industrial sectors where electrical safety and reliability are critical, such as power generation, transmission, and distribution.


Overall, non-adhesive XLPE tape is essential in electrical engineering and industrial applications where robust insulation, mechanical protection, and reliability under harsh conditions are required.


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