Width 1mm to 25mm inner dia
Length 1mtr
Brands China
Colour White
Temperature 100degree to 130degree
Voltage 1.1kv-1.5kv


“China sleeves” could refer to a few different products or concepts depending on the context. Here are a couple of possibilities:


  1. Wire Rope China Sleeves: These are metal sleeves used in wire rope terminations. They are typically made of aluminum or copper and are crimped onto the ends of wire ropes to create a secure termination point. They provide strength and prevent the wire rope from unraveling.


  1. Heat Shrink China Sleeves: These are heat shrinkable sleeves used for various applications such as cable insulation, wire splicing, and environmental sealing. They are made of materials like polyolefin or PVC and shrink when heat is applied, providing a tight seal and insulation.


If you have a specific type of “china sleeves” in mind or need more detailed information about a particular product, please provide additional context or specifications, and I can provide more precise information.


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