Width 1mm to 180mm inner dia
Length 1mtr
Brands Woer
Colour Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Transparent, Milky White


Temperature 125 degrees
Voltage 1.1kv


Heat-shrinkable sleeves are versatile products used primarily for insulation, protection, and sealing in various industries. Here are some common uses and characteristics of heat-shrinkable sleeves:


  1. Electrical Insulation: Heat shrink sleeves are used to insulate and protect electrical wires, cables, and connectors. They provide electrical insulation, preventing short circuits and enhancing safety.


  1. Environmental Sealing: They are used for environmental sealing of cables and connectors, protecting them from moisture, dust, and chemicals. This helps to extend the lifespan of electrical components in harsh conditions.


  1. Wire Harnessing: Heat shrink sleeves are used for bundling and organizing wires and cables in wire harness assemblies. They provide strain relief and protect against abrasion and mechanical damage.


  1. Repair and Splicing: They are used for repairing damaged cables and splicing wires. Heat shrink sleeves create a strong and durable seal, restoring electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.


  1. Identification and Marking: Heat shrink sleeves are available in different colors and can be printed with text or symbols. They are used for cable marking and identification purposes in telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace industries.


  1. Corrosion Protection: They are used to protect metal pipes, rods, and fittings from corrosion and wear in industrial and marine applications. Heat shrink sleeves provide a protective barrier against moisture and chemicals.


  1. Medical and Healthcare: Heat shrink sleeves are used in medical devices and equipment for insulation and protection of wires and connectors. They comply with medical grade standards for safety and reliability.


  1. Aerospace and Military: They are used in aerospace and military applications for wire harnessing, component protection, and environmental sealing in aircraft, vehicles, and communication systems.


  1. DIY and Hobbyist Projects: Heat shrink sleeves are popular in DIY and hobbyist projects for electrical repairs, cable management, and customization of electronics and gadgets.


Heat shrink sleeves are available in various sizes, materials (such as polyolefin, PVC, and fluoropolymers), and shrink ratios to accommodate different applications and environments. They are applied by heating with a heat gun or heat tunnel, causing them to shrink tightly around the substrate and provide a secure, protective seal.


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