Width 18mm
Length 20mtr
Colour Black
Thickness 0.30mm
Adhesive Type Rubber
Temperature 90 degrees
Voltage 2kv


Friction tape, also known as cloth tape or hockey tape, is a type of adhesive tape that is primarily used for its friction-enhancing properties rather than its adhesive properties. Here are some common uses of friction tape:


  • Sports Equipment: Friction tape is commonly used in sports like hockey, lacrosse, and baseball to improve grip on handles and shafts of equipment such as hockey sticks and baseball bats.


  • Tool Handles: It is used to wrap tool handles to provide better grip and cushioning, especially in environments where hands may get sweaty or slippery.


  • Electrical Applications: Friction tape can be used in electrical applications where a non-slip surface is needed, such as wrapping around electrical cables or wires to prevent slippage and provide some insulation.


  • Abrasion Protection: It can be used to protect surfaces from abrasion, such as wrapping around ropes or cables in rigging and sailing applications.


  • Temporary Repairs: Friction tape can be used for temporary repairs of torn or damaged surfaces, although it is not as durable as some other types of adhesive tapes.


  • Crafts and DIY Projects: It is sometimes used in crafts and DIY projects where a non-slip or decorative wrapping is desired.


Overall, friction tape is valued for its ability to provide grip and friction in various applications, making it useful in sports, tools, and certain industrial settings where secure handling is important. Its adhesive properties are typically secondary to its friction-enhancing capabilities.


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